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Not every company is ready for a formal advisory board. But you may be ready to engage the rigor, process and focus that an Advisory Board requires of you. For those situations, Tom Adams will serve as your Chair and Advisory Board of One.

Different than a coaching engagement, working with Tom Adams as your Advisory Board of One is very similar to forming an Advisory Board and engaging a quarterly meeting and reporting rhythm and in the months in between working on the specific decisions and directions made in the process.

Advisory Board of One Process

The starting step is to determine if you and Tom are a good fit. Review Tom's capabilities and credentials as well as the process I engage to see if we should have an initial conversation. I'll ask you a lot of questions that will help me clarify whether I can think I can help. If so, we'll mutually agree to proceed.

Initially, Tom will engage the Board Starter Program that defines the priorities for the Advisory Board. He'll clarify benchmarks that allow you to see progress in the future. Together you'll draft and finalize an Advisory Board Charter. That will set the course for the next year or so.

Then, you'll implement and engage the process. You and Tom will meet quarterly for the Advisory Board Meeting. Tom as the Chair and the Advisor. You'll create a Board Report and you'll present your progress. In these sessions you will both process challenges, opportunities as well as decisions you need to make. Tom will ask you to think differently, process questions and options you may not have considered.

In the interim months you'll engage the things that came out of the process. Tom's role is to continue to be a mentor to you through the process, clarify commitments and provide a structure of accountability.

After a full year, you'll know whether it makes sense to evolve into a full, formal Advisory Board where you engage other Advisors. But all the foundations will be in place. You'll have the yearly rhythm and related requirements solidified and will be ready to gain the full benefits from this next step of the process.

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